How to Play

creafon® no1 is, thanks to its reduced form, stimulating play material for a contemplative break on your own or for an inspiring round in creative company.

The precious leather cards, reduced to only a few characteristics, hold many secrets and hide wisdom. Even learning to know the material is a fascinating (and literally unique) moment:

Lay the 48 cards on a large table and follow the arising inspiration with your co-players.

All senses are challenged in revealing the richness of inconspicuousness. creafon® no1 demands relaxed concentration and (focussed) leaning back in search for the meaning of life and for the happiness of the moment.

creafon® no1 is play material for many quiet and slow games, for intensive shaping and reshaping, for meticulous searching and comparing and for the joy of discovering, understanding and inventing.

Most of the suggestions for playing with creafon® are not about winners and losers, but rather

  • About enjoying one's own creativity and the creativity of others
  • About the pleasure of discerning a problem and trying to solve it alone or with others
  • About the play with acoustic, tactile and visual forms
  • About basic questions of language, art, music, mathematics, and life.

You will find 20 suggestions for playing here.

You will find suggestions for using creafon® in classroom here.

Visual Games

Game in Squares, variant 4: lay 4 different squares with 16 identical cards. more...

Acoustic Games

Master-Mind-game: A player lays out a hidden row of any 6 cards and plays on them. The others listen carefully and try quickly to lay exactly the same row by themselves. more...

Tactile Games

Close-Your-Eyes-game: sort out the cards on your own or with others with your eyes closed. more...

Language Games

Sound-and-Language-game 1: translate alone or in team any sounding rows of cards in any language of your liking. more...

Mathematical Games

Combinatory-game: sort out the cards and distribute them in 8 equal piles.
Take one pile and calculate how many possibilities you have to form differently sounding rows of the 6 cards. You should perhaps first study the number of possibilities with 2 or 3 cards of a pile.
How many possibilities are there to form combinations with 6 cards if all 48 cards are available? more...

We are curious to hear your feedback. You can present them at the Exchange of Ideas.


Ein «Karneval» zum Experimentieren

An interesting report (D) in the newspaper “Der Sonntag”.

creafon app's

Experience the "Carnival of the Animals", based on the music written by Saint-Saëns. Fun for children as well as for adults!

Broadcast Radiofeature of Peter Jaeggi:
DRS2 aktuell

Would you like to experience different sounds and noises? Peter Jaeggi is moderating a radio braodcast about the world of senses at Rüttihubelbad.

creafon® in SENSORIUM in Rüttihubelbad

Since March 29, 2010 creafon® can be experienced in different forms at an exhibition in SENSORIUM im Rüttihubelbad.

Registration in SENSORIUM

Enjoy experimenting with the exiting wooden and metalic models!

creafon® now attains the US patent!