Presentations and Workshops about «creafon®»

creafon® - ripped surfaces are very pleasant: They can attract visually, acoustically and in a tactile way.
Using creafon® we offer animations, workshops, presentations and concerts for small and big groups in cooperation with different partners.

We are very pleased to develop different concepts and product realisations in cooperation with your event planners: We think of some attractive performances as well as of any given questions and subjects in the following fields:

  • Walk through different sounds
  • Develop any idea further (rainstorming, intellectual property, product development, marketing using the creafon« example)
  • Sounding creativity (sound and melodious creativity)
  • Stimuli regarding the following subjects: wie working atmosphere, time planning, stress, flow etc.
  • Thematic concerts

Reference projects:

  • Advice how to set up an exhibition and for workshops "Holz und Klang" (engl. wood and art) (naturama)
  • Encouragement "learn to learn" (SPPE Umwelt)
  • Offers in continuing education:


Ein «Karneval» zum Experimentieren

An interesting report (D) in the newspaper “Der Sonntag”.

creafon app's

Experience the "Carnival of the Animals", based on the music written by Saint-Saëns. Fun for children as well as for adults!

Broadcast Radiofeature of Peter Jaeggi:
DRS2 aktuell

Would you like to experience different sounds and noises? Peter Jaeggi is moderating a radio braodcast about the world of senses at Rüttihubelbad.

creafon® in SENSORIUM in Rüttihubelbad

Since March 29, 2010 creafon® can be experienced in different forms at an exhibition in SENSORIUM im Rüttihubelbad.

Registration in SENSORIUM

Enjoy experimenting with the exiting wooden and metalic models!

creafon® now attains the US patent!