About the Idea behind creafon®

Initially there was the challenge of introducing the world of musical notation to high school students without any previous musical education. Lucky coincidences led to the discovery of corrugated card board as an educational aid and to a first product:

“Mus ik oder mus ik nicht?”
(Brochure and CD)

A number of further coincidences led to a patent application and a brand name, to several project studies and functional models.
The first prototype ready for production resulted from an intensive study of materials, forms, models, and profiles of customers. creafon® no 1 was born in summer 2007.

creafon® No1

Do you want to hear more about the story of creafon®? You can download a pdf (in German only) here.


Ein «Karneval» zum Experimentieren

An interesting report (D) in the newspaper “Der Sonntag”.

creafon app's

Experience the "Carnival of the Animals", based on the music written by Saint-Saëns. Fun for children as well as for adults!

Broadcast Radiofeature of Peter Jaeggi:
DRS2 aktuell

Would you like to experience different sounds and noises? Peter Jaeggi is moderating a radio braodcast about the world of senses at Rüttihubelbad.

creafon® in SENSORIUM in Rüttihubelbad

Since March 29, 2010 creafon® can be experienced in different forms at an exhibition in SENSORIUM im Rüttihubelbad.

Registration in SENSORIUM

Enjoy experimenting with the exiting wooden and metalic models!

creafon® now attains the US patent!